The VELOC is a versatile size for younger paddlers and smaller adults as its volume support growth for years to come.  The boat's volume is well distributed, so paddlers are sitting in a position that allows the paddler to reach the water.

This kayak is balanced and easy to control in difficult whitewater. The boat is quick for its length because the bow to stern rocker under the seat is flat and very responsive because of the taper and radius of the edge.  This makes the boat fast and stable when paddling through holes and waves. As a result of the Veloc's volume distribution, the boat is highly responsive and resurfaces rapidly. The VELOC has a very stable and supportive width, allowing the user to be stable and be nimble to utilize the edges. Quick acceleration and agile turns make the VELOC fun to paddle and a force to be reckoned with on both steep/technical and high volume rivers.
The VELOC is one of the best-designed boats built specifically for smaller paddlers.  This not a larger boat shrunk down, but a specific, designed boat for kids and smaller paddlers. It is uniquely designed to be perfectly suited for mid-sized and small whitewater paddlers looking for a boat that can take them to their limits.
The outfitting has been redesigned, making it more adjustable, robust, and comfortable than ever before.
The Veloc is created using the same technologies and processes as all ZET Kayaks guaranteeing the shell's high quality and strength, and outfitting. Other advantages of ZET Kayaks include:
  • 2-year warranty
  • Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak
  • Unique and functional outfitting and interior attachment points
  • Light and comfortable seat made from a 'hybrid material.'
  • Stable displacement hull
  • Original and progressive design
  • Perfect boat for kids / smaller paddlers

Length Width Volume Cockpit size Paddler Weight Range Weight of kayak

8 ft

245 cm


25.6 in

65 cm


74 gal

280 L

34.6 x 19.7 in

88 x 50 cm

85-145 lbs

45~85 kg

40 lbs

18 kg


Veloc - kids/smaller paddler creeker/river runner

Veloc - kids/smaller paddler creeker/river runner

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Shipping Options

We have multiple distribution centers set up in the USA in Boise ID, Asheville NC, and Syracuse NY. Boats can be picked up from our distribution centers free of charge.  In Asheville it can take up to 48 hours for pickup arrangements to be scheduled.  We do our best to get you your boat as quickly as possible, but some flexibility is required.  Boats can also be picked up at Clackamas River Outfitters in Estacada OR ($100 freight fee applies).

If you are unable to pick up your boat, freight shipping from the YRC terminal to the YRC terminal is available. Freight shipping takes 2-7 days, and your boat must be picked up at the YRC terminal nearest you. The costs of this shipping is $200, but if shipping multiple boats discounts are available.

Our favorite shipping method is roof rack shipping! Roof rack shipping is when your boat gets loaded up on another paddler's roof rack headed to your area from one of the distribution centers. Transportation on the roof rack is free, but we ask that you "tip" your driver $50 to help cover their gas money.
And if your ever headed home from the Payette River and want to make some extra gas money, let us know! We are always looking for roof rack space! Shoot us a message and we can see if we have any boats heading that direction.

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